Looks like Benghazigate is getting momentum

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Re: The Benghazi Non Scandal had it bubble burst.

Chato wrote:

28to70 wrote:

If Biden wasn't involved in the coverup we get him for prez. That's better I suppose than the mulatto socialist.

This is now becoming a joke. With the testimony of Petraeus, we now know that help was sent ​within 24 minutes, and more help arrived within two hours.

And we now know that Petreaus signed off on the talking points memo that Rice merely repeated.

In fact, this so called scandal boils down to some ​Possible​ minor mistake ​in the State Department. That everything that could be done WAS done, and that 28-70 has gone off the deep end into "Conspiracy 101" where the motive changes by the hour, and fantasy is unleashed as fact.


Don't confuse them with facts.

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