Is this the 2nd Civil War ?.........

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Re: Is this the 2nd Civil War ?.........

William DIllard wrote:

I was told that if a small businessman cannot afford to pay the insurance for his employees, rather than layoff or not hire, he should get a smaller less expensive home to live in in order to be able to pay it. This was told to me by someone who said that a businessman in Nevada who fired 22 people in order to survive the expected regulations from Obamacare was full of crap ! They were not kidding ! At this point I was like well lets move on because I saw no use in arguing with someone that devoted to the Administration. And a lot of times I just shut up to keep the discussion from getting ugly. This is the 2nd Civil War and much like what we had with Russia, it is a Cold War !

Don't know about the rest of the country, but in CA I believe nothing actually changes as its already state law that employers of 50+ provide health insurance to their employees.

I do sympathize with employers who are in that 50 or so range, as nobody wants to incur a new expense if they don't have to, but I think they're exaggerating things a bit as far as the true economic impact to their business. One has to ask if you can afford to lay off most of your staff to avoid the healthcare costs, and consider that an improvement to your business, then you probably didn't need those employees to begin with, which would bring into question your capabilities as a business owner.

I think there's also exemptions for the first 30 of those 50, tax writeoffs for the costs, etc. So at the bottom line I doubt that things are quite as grim as some are making it out to be. No doubt its going to be an additional cost to absorb, or pass on in the cost to the customer, but anybody worth their salt as a business owner should be able to navigate this change without tanking their business.

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