Guess Fuji plans on 35mm (35mm equiv) lens

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Re: Guess Fuji plans on 35mm (35mm equiv) lens


Al Valentino wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Imagefoundry wrote:

Yes that is the lens I am really waiting for (along with just about everyone it seems). Hope it's going to be as good optically as a 35mm/1.4.

If say Zeiss were to release a premium, fast 23 or 24mm for XF mount I won't hesitate to sell the 18mm to finance it, it just has to cost under $1500.

the prototype pics are from last show - sorry I lost the source/credit info. Some Polish photosite.

Please don't say $1500. What I want is the equivalent to about 35mm and the equivalent from 80 to 90, so I am open and the new road map has these as well as the current 60mm that is a 90mm. So if I can get the body and 2 lenses for close to $2K that is something I am willing to do. I know it will be a bit more. I always shot with a 35 and an 80 or 85 can't remember now, I have the RX100 and a GRD so I have a 28mm and a short zoom covered and that is fine, so if i could find these two lenses with a nice body I might be willing to jump in, and by then the reports on the body and any issues will be in. So now I have to handle one and put some money aside but I am liking the fact that I can have the primes I want and the size will not be too too big. I have a GXR now and am disappointed in Ricohs unwillingness to tell us what they are going to do, if they were to release a 35 and an 80 then I would never ever let it go. So now I have something to watch for.....thanks, this is great info and a real road map, now that is something that is exciting if you have been in the GXR camp and all they gave you was an M module so you could put M lenses on and manual focus...not for me.

I spoke with Zeiss last month at Photoplus show in NYC about their threeknew X mount lenses. They said they would be out around April or May with a price of about $1000. I'm sure they know they are wither ace with Fuji to release the next wave ofprimes.

Are they making all of the Fuji Lenses in the future as right now they have 3 for well under $1,000 each US,,,

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