Capture NX 2 trial not working?

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Re: Capture NX 2 v2.3.5 added D600 support.

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

Got it! It is interesting software. I am not sure I will give up on LR in favour of it.

What is it that Capture does uniquely that LR does not?

Capture NX2 has "Control Points" where Lightroom does not.  They were a carryover from NIK software into Capture NX2.  If you have a scene that has some person where there are multiple colors on them, you can tune those areas individually for color, contrast, saturation, warmth/coolness, area sizing, etc.  Can't do that in Lightroom and minimally in Photoshop CS6 either.  Very nice feature to have and use.  (Example: Hair is blue due to skylight and maybe upper shoulders or only one shoulder too, skin is white due to flash, green on legs or dress with grass reflection, etc.  You can tune those all to look alike in Capture NX2.  Good luck in Lightroom or using a bunch of layers in PS or painting them out to balance.).  Toss in a bunch of "Control Points" and fix it all and save to a TIFF, NEF, JPG or whatever.

However, the program can be a huge memory resource hog.  I had to upgrade my RAM to 12GB as it often would eat up about 5GB of the 6GB I had.  Often it would crash, stall, etc. prior to that upgrade.  Still is slow at times even on a 3.2GHz i7 processor with Windows 8 Pro, but no where near as bad as with 6GB RAM.  I rarely Batch process with it and the huge D800 NEF files.

I believe the Nikon software also uses their own RGB instead of Adobe 1998 RGB which is closer to the camera's color gamut (Nikon RGB I think they call it?).


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