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Re: Help please!


In regards to your request, what you want to do is:

1. Set your camera to Av.

2. Set Av (aperture value) to 8 or 9.

3. Set your ISO to 100 (or higher, if the backgroun is darker).

4. Aim at the background and meter it by pressing the shutter button halfway down and focusing on it.

5. Note the shutter speed.

6. Switch to manual and set your Av, ISO, and shutter speed to what you had it set to when you metered the backgrond.

7. Pop up your flash.

8. Focus on the kids and take the shot.  Check it and adjust your shutter speed up or down if you want a clear background or adjust your aperture if you want to blur the background, until you get the combination you desire.  If the flash is too bright, move back a few feet.  If it's too dim, move up. This process shouldn't take more than a minute or two.

9. After you've homed in on the lighting/bokeh you want, then you can start trying to get the kids to pose.

Good luck,


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