XE-1 a bit too saturated, especially in the red channel

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Re: XE-1 a bit too saturated, especially in the red channel

Jay A wrote:

So today I shot with the XE-1 basically for the first time I did any real kind of shooting other than testing the camera out. I have to say I am a little less than impressed. I owned an XPRO-1 a few months ago and can honestly say that regardless of what everyone is claiming about the sensors being the same and producing identical looking images, I am finding the XE-1 photos to be overly saturated, especially in the reds. I am using the Astia setting which is what I used on the XPRo-1. It almost looks like Fuji has decided to compete in look with the Sony NEX-7 (it too seems to overdo the reds).

I suppose I will have to fiddle with the settings to get them to my liking, but my reason for posting this is to see if othesr concur and how they are dealing with it if in agreement. Thanks.

I don't own an X-E1 yet but I'm considering to purchase one. According to my research I came to the conclusion, that Fuji JPEG engine produces overly saturated reds for all their cams. But that can be taking care of in RAW, hopefully in the near future...;-)

Here is an example of an image taken with X10:

Vehicle life size two inches



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