Using Cinema Display with a desktop PC

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Using Cinema Display with a desktop PC

Tom_N wrote:

Since you have DisplayPort on the PC, and MiniDisplayPort on the monitor, this should be a snap. Assuming that the monitor's Mini DisplayPort cable is detachable, just get a MiniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable like the ones shown on this page:

Other World Computing - Display Cables, Extenders, Adapters

I don't think the mDP cable from a Cinema Display is detachable. On my 20" Cinema display the DVI cable is not detachable. So, one would need a this cable

DP2mDP (male/male)

plus this adaptor

mDP coupler (female/female)

Or if you can find it, a DP(male) to mDP(female) adaptor/cable.

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