RE: G1-X image quality at a Saturday cat show - tough lighting and high ISO

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Re: RE: White Balance in certain shots

Hi Michelle,

Photos 2&3 look obviously warm to me in the skin tones, but I'm not seeing it in Photo 10, which looks a lot more natural.  I suspect that you had quite a lot of different artificial light sources to account for, so it must have been difficult........ quite a regular thing for show halls.

I'm much more of an outdoor/sunlight person and haven't spent a lot of time experimenting with the G1X's color balance options and corrections, so I don't feel that I can comment from experience about your techniques for achieving your results.  As I said earlier, I think they display the cats well - though I wasn't there to see their original color appearance to the naked eye.  I'd be happy to have taken the cat photos you've posted.

FWIW you're not the only person who stops down the G1X......  As a landscaper I sometimes find myself choosing apertures that are tad smaller than the camera selects left to its own devices in P or AE modes.  I've done some test shots right through the aperture range at several FLs.  The G1X does sharpen a little when you stop down from maximum aperture, as you'd expect, but only a little.  If anything, I'm impressed by the fact that it is a very good and even lens right across the FLs and the apertures.  Nice to have very even performance.

Cheers, Rod

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