Olympus 17/1.8 review

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Amin Sabet
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Anders W wrote:

MTF: I find the 20 distinctly superior to both 17s in the center and the corners alike. Not only is global contrast better. I'd say the same goes for what I'd refer to as micro-contrast.

I see the same thing. The 20 is resolving more detail, especially in the corners, but also slightly more in the center. It isn't just the impression due to global contrast.

Lateral CA: Yes, the 20 has more of that than the 17/1.8...

Longitudinal CA in the in-focus area: Yes the 20 has more of that...

The 17/1.8 has more red/cyan lateral CA. The 20/1.7 has more purple/green fringing, which I think is a combination of longitudinal CA and spherochromatism (definitely not sensor blooming - everywhere you see the purple fringing, you also see green fringing. Clearly some sort of optical aberration).

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