Full-frame lens and sensor sizes

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Re: Full-frame lens and sensor sizes

trekkeruss wrote:

dyanuzz wrote:

BobSC wrote:

exact same perspective and dof.

Thanks. Now, does this mean that a 35mm FF lens, compared to an 50mm aps-c lens, on a aps-c camera, will give (nearly) the same perspective, but the FF lens will have a narrower dof?

No. Focal length is independent of the mount. A 35mm lens is a 35mm lens. So a 35mm lens on an APS-C camera will have more DoF than a 50mm lens, even if that 35mm lens is made for FF cameras.

Ugh.. i was pretty sure i understood it, but oh well. But wont the 35mm FF lens on a aps-c camera create a 50% crop, giving a 1.5 mag factor, leaving the equivalent perspective to be 50mm (roughly)?

e: and thus take the same picture as you would have taken with a 50mm aps-c lens?

e2: is angle-of-view not interchangeable with perspective?

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