NEX-6 night portrait with 16-50 kit lens (amateur photographer)

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Re: NEX-6 night portrait with 16-50 kit lens (amateur photographer)

Very nice shot. Contrast is good. Sharpness is good, especially at f/10 and 16mm.   The sensor's holding the tonal range well. The sky's a little muddy. This can be worked on in several ways. (E.g., you could use hue/saturation sliders to desaturate and darken reds and oranges a bit).

The main thing that detracts from the image is that the camera was tilted downward, causing the towers to lean inward. If it were possible to have shot from a lower elevation while holding the camera vertically, that might have been better.

If a lower elevation was impossible to attain, then it can be fixed in post with a vertical tilt and a crop, like this:

nikdsouza photo, tilted and cropped

It's a nice urban landscape you've made.  Probably better to call it a landscape rather than a portrait.

The 16-50 is looking better and better to me.

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