XE-1 with 18-55 lens vs NEX-6 with 16-50mm

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Re: XE-1 with 18-55 lens vs NEX-6 with 16-50mm

Rod McD wrote:

I've been looking at both and am waiting for the arrival of the Fuji zoom lens kits in Australia to actually see and try the Fuji. No-one's even seen one here yet. I'll also await some test reports before I actually buy.

To answer your question, it seems to me that both can provide for very straightforward automated use and advanced use. On the Fuji, you just set the camera to AF and both the lens aperture and shutter speed dials to "A", and it's in fully automated mode - Move one of the two to another setting and the camera chooses the other criterion. (ie Aperture-preferred auto or shutter-preferred auto). Move both to selected settings and you've got manual. It's a very intuitive system and you can see what you've set the moment you look at the camera.

I think you're right that the Fuji zoom lens is likely to be better, and the primes are getting considerable praise if you're also looking at additional lenses. I haven't seen a comprehensive test of either zoom, but the early user reports of the NEX 16-50 certainly aren't as favorable as those for the Fuji 18-55. The Sony lens is however usefully wider and smaller, but it's also slower.

If there is any disadvantage to me in the Fuji it's lack of MF focus peaking, which the NEX6 has. Not a deal breaker. Neither camera is environmentally sealed or water resistant. Coming from a Pentax DSLR background, that's a bit disappointing for premium cameras.

I've decided in favor of the Fuji, largely on the basis of lens availability and performance, but will await tests. Enjoy your decision-making.

Cheers, Rod

I like to chime in here. While I was considering the same options between the Oly OMD5, Fuji X-E1 and Sony NEX-6, I noticed that the NEX-6 does not provide Auto ISO in Manual mode.

For some users this could be a deal breaker like for myself, because I use this feature exclusively during concert shooting.


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