E-mount or adapted lens around 30-35mm not too expensive (MF ok)

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re: my preferences depend on intended use per each shoot

Clayton1985 wrote:

Thanks jpr2! I'll spend some time looking at these. Do you have a preference?

from left: Leitz Summicron 35/2, SMC Takumar 35/2, Color Minotar 35/2.8

  • I pick Minotar for a its unobtrusiveness in street photography, as together with N7 it forms perhaps a smallest possible package with an eye-level VF ​or ​waist-level LCD shooting without compromising IQ, and above all for the best croppability currently available (short of D800); the downside is that the focusing ring is so very tiny that almost awkward, which sometimes is a problem as I almost exclusively tend to shoot wide open;
  • the Summicron gets its place whenever ultimate IQ is required;
  • and the Tak is perfect if I need easiest MF'ing in 35mm - the focusing ring is so smooth and has enough throw that I can operate it solely with my left thumb (and camera/adapter cradled on the left palm; the right is 1/2-pressing all the time);
  • they are (weighted together with their EOS-EF adapters for the I-st two) 545g, 260g and 70g respectively (the last one with its E-mount);

EDIT: I'm using all my EF native or EF adapted lenses through either the Conurus smart electronic adapter, or the Kivi-Focus simple one - neither has any glass elements inside (of course - they're usually ​NOT​ required for shooting legacy glass on NEX'es )


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