Guess Fuji plans on 35mm (35mm equiv) lens

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Re: Guess Fuji plans on 35mm (35mm equiv) lens

Imagefoundry wrote:

Yes that is the lens I am really waiting for (along with just about everyone it seems). Hope it's going to be as good optically as a 35mm/1.4.

If say Zeiss were to release a premium, fast 23 or 24mm for XF mount I won't hesitate to sell the 18mm to finance it, it just has to cost under $1500.

the prototype pics are from last show - sorry I lost the source/credit info. Some Polish photosite.

Please don't say $1500. What I want is the equivalent to about 35mm and the equivalent from 80 to 90, so I am open and the new road map has these as well as the current 60mm that is a 90mm. So if I can get the body and 2 lenses for close to $2K that is something I am willing to do. I know it will be a bit more. I always shot with a 35 and an 80 or 85 can't remember now, I have the RX100 and a GRD so I have a 28mm and a short zoom covered and that is fine, so if i could find these two lenses with a nice body I might be willing to jump in, and by then the reports on the body and any issues will be in. So now I have to handle one and put some money aside but I am liking the fact that I can have the primes I want and the size will not be too too big. I have a GXR now and am disappointed in Ricohs unwillingness to tell us what they are going to do, if they were to release a 35 and an 80 then I would never ever let it go. So now I have something to watch for.....thanks, this is great info and a real road map, now that is something that is exciting if you have been in the GXR camp and all they gave you was an M module so you could put M lenses on and manual focus...not for me.

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