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Re: Macrocontrast vs. Microcontrast

Anders W wrote:

I am pretty sure the DxO data are for a single, central focus point. One reason DxO do their measurements is that they develop RAW converter software that tries to compensate for "lens softness". From that point of view, it wouldn't make sense to focus the corners separately.

That's quite possible but since the active AF point is reported in the image metadata, they could in principle account for that (but is probably unlikely as that would require a lot of measurements).

I am sure the same holds for most other lens-testing sites. If I recall correctly, however, Andy Westlake said something about Photozone doing it differently, with separate focus points for center and corners if the lens showed field curvature.

Photozone definitely do re-focus to account for field curvature. They have repeatedly mentioned that in their tests and in posts on these forums as well. For a few lenses they even showed measurements with and without the refocussing.

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