Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
ckorody Junior Member • Posts: 37
Re: Strange behaviour of X-E1 viewfinder

In regards to the OP's comment:  "Moreoever, when panning with focus locked the picture moved in a wavelike, almost nauseating fashion."

No doubt that this is happening. It is almost like trying to control the camera on a gyro mount. No way to get the camera to come back to level once the wave starts. Just keeps getting more out of control until the camera aborts the pan because of excessive movement (this is an actual error message)

I have solved the problem by looking across the top of the camera and using that as the level line. Seems to work fine. I use the EVF to locate the start position, press the shutter, look up and then move the camera along an imaginary line.

FWIW I am making very nice pans using a Voigtlander 90 - so effectively a 135. This may contribute to the wavelike effect.

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