Colormunki Photo working with Windows 8 Pro?

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Questions thread
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Colormunki Photo "fix" (???) for working with Windows 8 Pro.

Think I stumbled onto the fix to get the ColorMunki Photo to work with Windows 8 Pro.  The pop-up warnings to "Calibrate Display1-65" in the lower right icon tray were getting annoying so I tried the following:

Right click on the Photo (ColorMunki Photo) desktop icon > select "Properties" > "Compatibility" and check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for: "Windows 7" (If you have the current version of Photo from the x-rite site (Version 1.1.1 is the last one they have on their website.) from the pull-down menu.  Also, I checked the box "Run program as an administrator" too.  Then "Apply" and "OK" and the program is running and "Saving" monitor calibration profiles as it should in both the "Easy" and "Advanced" mode without showing the Error profile failures as it was while running in Windows 8 Pro.

It did require a new Activation to run it again under the new compatibility settings above though.  Don't know if there is a limit to those, but at least it is working for me under the Windows 7 compatibility mode now.  Prints on hard-drive look much the same as they did on Windows 7 and are printing fine with the older profiles written under Windows 7 and still on the Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

Seems x-rite needs to fix their software for Windows 8 soon.

Aside, no idea on the Canon 9000 CLI-8 ink carts are failing to reset or become unrecognizable though.  Maybe a reset limit, but I did have one new one (factory, used once) that refused to take a reset and it shows up as bad since trying.  Maybe they are changing the chips?  It would blink yellow on the printer even disconnected from the computer so it must be the chip.  Old refilled and reset one worked though. Dunno.


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