Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

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Re: Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

Kuturgan wrote:

Yes, the corner sharpness is meaningless when your subject is right in the center, the edges and corners being out of focus. My conclusion is that we can't compare these two lenses because they serve for different purposes. Sigma is best for daylight street photography (very sharp across all the frame). Sony is best for portrait or isolated subject (sharp in the center but very soft in the corners and edges).

I'm not sure if your results rule out the the SEL50F18 as street photography lens. Have you ever looked at your street photography? In how many cases do you actually have a subject in focus in the far top right corner and it was absolutely vital to your composition?

Speaking for myself, I think a more sensible conclusion is that 30mm is certainly more convenient to shoot street photography. But not because of the corner sharpness. Just because more info fits on the picture and therefore you are better prepared for whatever pops into view. 50mm is already tele when you take the crop factor into account. I find that is much more difficult for street photography. Unless you are more the type of person who "steals" shots from a stealth-like position. Or unless you mostly do close-ups.

I think everybody has to decide what focal length is best for them for the task at hand.

If one is looking for a 50mm, I would not say the IQ results you show disqualifies the SEL50F18 for whatever 50mm task one has in mind. Hell, I would even use the 50mm for architecture shots without feeling bad after seeing these results!

Also, although I got much better at framing my shots over the years, I still tend to include rather more than less when framing. You can always crop a bit, but not the other way around.

Btw, for the same reason I do not dismiss the SEL16F28, which undoubtedly produces even worse corner sharpness.

Are there better lenses? Yes, I'm sure.

Can one only take high quality pictures with those higher quality lenses? No, I'm sure these lenses will do fine as well in the hands of any passionate photographer.

Would I replace my SEL50F18 with a lens that has the same corner quality as the Sigma 30mm? I think so. If the price was reasonable. But I would not pay twice the price for example.

For me the results are certainly not so dramatic that one should avoid the SEL50F18 for certain types of photography.

But thanks for showing anyways. I always like those comparisons. It does play a role when using these lenses that you know how they perform.

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