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Re: Macrocontrast vs. Microcontrast

Ming Thein wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

You see, I simply have very little confidence in a single test image being relevant and accurate. Show me 50 test images taken under varying conditions (and with the greatest care taken to equalise exposure, focus and processing not just for each image globally but also locally for each position in the image) and I might start to have some confidence in the conclusion drawn from them.

I'm commenting based on all the 500 or so test images I shot, plus the other thousands I've shot in the past with the 20. Definitely not making conclusions from the single crops (which are meant to be for illustration only). It would obviously be impractical to show crops from all...

Ming, to be clear I was responding to Anders who asked me to make a judgement based on the crops you have shown. I declined as I am convinced that your judgment based on a much larger set of images is much more reliable and relevant than mine based a single test image.

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