A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

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Re: A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

PaulRivers wrote:

"Real" resolution started having severely diminishing returns around 5-6mp's, and by the time you get to 10 the differences are infinitesimal, if they exist at all. I mean - just based on the megapixel rating.

The sx40/sx50 are superzooms, their real resolution is likely to be the same, just with a heck of a lot more optical zoom.

The best camera you can buy right now for resolution - that's anywhere near "jeans pocketable" in size is the Sony rx100. It's right on the edge of being able to be carried in a jeans pocket comfortably.

I see your A510 is a 3.2mp camera, so you should get better resolution from an rx100 (or a Canon s100 - a little smaller, cheaper, close to as good).

But I'll warn you - in good light, the differences between modern cameras is very small. Most of the improvements have been made in the ability to take shots in low (indoor) lighting (where the rx100 is also the best - for it's size).

In good light it's difficult to tell the difference between a pic taken with a dslr with it's kit lens, and one of the best compacts - "real" resolution has just not gone up much, unlike the days of 2-4mp cameras where the extra megapixels really added details.

Thanks, Paul, for such an informative and helpful response.  Depressing, but helpful.

Maybe Sony will offer a holiday deal that will bring the RX100 down from the stratosphere into my budget...then again, this is Sony.  Sigh.

So, what is your opinion of the lens-error challenged s100, assuming Sony continues its usual business mode?  Bigger sensor, albeit only slightly bigger, lower mp...any noticeable improvement?

Or the lx-5?

Pocketability isn't a deal breaker for me.

Thanks again, I appreciate it,


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