Not a beginner, exactly, but would appreciate your thoughts...

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Re: Not a beginner, exactly, but would appreciate your thoughts...
So there's the answer - camera buyers are very price sensitive, and camera makers make a product to fit the price. Which isn't to say that you can't get good images from a cheap camera - you just need to learn which conditions trigger the problems you want to avoid, and find ways to shoot around them. Some problems, of course, can't be avoided. As always, yer gets what yer pays for.
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Hi Rob,

Great analogy with the knickers.

The trick, as I see it, is indeed getting what you pay for.  The higher priced cameras, like the Canon's G1X, has problems (or shortcomings, based on design, you know what I mean), as does every other expensive camera out there.

Where is the balance, do you think?  Where the price point matches quality...probably subjective, as everyone is different.

I'm thinking the S100 / G12 with a larger sensor might help, but the 'new' S110 and G15 don't seem to be very uber-iffic, especially compared to their predecessors...

Does anyone have thoughts about the whole 4/3 deal?  I can't use a viewfinder, so the dSLR is out, which would leave the 4/3?

Thanks to everyone for responding,


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