Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

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Re: Sharpness test SEL50f18 vs Sigma30f2.8

The SEL50/1.8 is generally regarded as having pretty nice bokeh. I tried to take the same shot with the SEL50/1.8 and the Zeiss 24/1.8 as similarly as I could on some Brussel Sprouts in our garden a few hours ago. I had to go back inside and change lenses so I didn't get the exact same perspective, but it was close. These were shot in RAW so whatever RAW settings that get applied by Aperture are what these 2 shots got. Shutter speed was very similar as was the ISO . . . aperture was wide open for both. I notice my focus was higher up on the plant for the SEL50, so that should have helped its bokeh even though I shot it from a few feet back to get the same perspective. The Zeiss was focused closer to the ground a few levels down the plant so that made it more difficult for the lens to create out of focus areas in the background. I still prefer the bokeh from the Zeiss. And I really do like the SEL50 in this regard for the portraits I shoot.


Zeiss 24/1.8

This is not a scientific test. ;~)

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