Pentax K-5 II vs IIs: sample image moire removal report

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Richard Murdey
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Re: Pentax K-5 II vs IIs: sample image moire removal report

Paradigm Changer wrote:


Hi P,

An interesting report on a problem which few people have had the chance to study.I would like to ask however, at what photo size the moiré is visible on photos?

Since the spacial frequency of the pattern depends on the difference in frequencies between the sensor pitch and the pattern, if you are unlucky you can get very low frequency patterns that no amount of reasonable down-sampling can fix.

Though of course you have to be in the habit of photographing screen doors and computer monitors for this to become a practical issue.

To close, I believe I am correct in saying that there isn't really a terminal solution to moire/aliasing as yet. However, Fuji's X-Trans sensor may be onto something as it mimics part of the way that the human eye seems to get around the problem (or is it all in the processing? ).

No, the arrangement of color pixels on the sensor itself is different. It's not random (which is how our eyeballs avoid the problem) but it is "more random" than the conventional Beyer array.

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