X-S1 horrible gradations

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Re: X-S1 horrible gradations

Phil_Rose wrote:

Wow! I am learning more from you in one day than I have in years! I think the reason for your confusion is that that's a screengrab of only a portion of the shot. The bottom of the image has mountains in silhouette and the sea (see here). I am in fact coming around to the idea that this may actually be the sky and not posterization at all. ACDSee will work in 16 bit once they get it together to work with RAF. I can also convert the RAF files to DNG using the Adobe DNG converter but that's just a pain. I wish the X-S1 would allow me to save in DNG file like my Pentax's do. Ahh well.

Thanks again for all this information which is really terrific.

You're welcome. I checked the histogram for the full image and you're right. It shows that the red channel in particular has most of its values in a relatively small clump, and few values for all of the channels on the right edge, especially the blue channel. But for this image I think that the X-S1 deserves a pardon.

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