Tokina 12-24 F4 DX on a D700

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Re: Tokina 12-24 F4 DX on a D700

Mac wrote:

KenHill wrote:

My wife and I travel "light" and if it can do "double duty" with passable results that will be great. We have the 35mm 1.8 normally used on the D7000, that also does well on the FX body and a 50 1.8 lens that is a good lens on the D7000.

If I was carrying both a DX and FX then, yes, this would be a "passable" solution. If only carrying FX, then it is only usable from 18-24mm so not sure if it is worth the weight / space. Still, if it is the only UW you have...then it is the "best of all solutions" ;-]


It's about space we travel in a Corvette.  The D800 has a 28-200 and the D7000 a 18-200 , plus primes.  If the Tokina can crossover and be used by each it might be interesting.

I want to experiment with this lens on the FX with the 1.2 crop (which I don't know much about other than what I read.)  Would it treat the 12-24 like a 15-28???  /Ken

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