EOS M fast focus

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jorrit Regular Member • Posts: 148
Re: EOS M fast focus

While it's obviously great that you enjoy your camera (and I'm surprised to hear you like it better than the Nikon V1 - which I have personally never used), I'm not questioning any of the details you mention here, or whether or not focus speeds are acceptable.

What I am questioning is if the focus speed (and only the focus speed, not the speed of your flow) is truly any different between using the touch screen and the shutter button. I would find it hard to believe this is the case - and my tests say otherwise on both the pancake as well as adapter+24-105. I don't have the 18-55 (yet) but I'll certainly repeat this test when I do ... (it's not currently in stock anywhere in my country outside of the kit)

As you seem to have the lens, please but it through the same test. Mount on a tripod, defocus, capture with shutter, defocus, capture with touch screen. Repeat a few times. Is there really a difference in focus speed ?

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