Recommendations for handheld documentary/social/street/photojournalism? + OM-D E-M5 or GH3

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Re: one really important question for you

tko wrote:

Have you practiced in this field before? Because it's a good idea to find out what you need by using it before you go. I know, you're asking first, but really, it depends on your style. And how do you know your style until you go out and shoot?

Honestly, knowing how to use your equipment, and what works for you, is more important than what to buy. Any one can buy equipment.

I ask this because your questions suggest you've never done any of this before

I have owned and used basic point and shoots since 2005. And I have used a film SLR Minolta that I love using but hate the cost for processing (and no, I'm not interested in keeping the 2 lenses I have with it for the new digital camera). I have also been the cameraman at many events where I use other cameras from point and shoots to digital SLRs (mainly Canon).

For video, I sort of inherited a basic MiniDV Canon ZR10 videocamera that I used for almost all my own video work. I have also been on jobs that used higher grade MiniDV videocameras (Panasonic).

But this will be my first time taking on a digital camera with greater image quality and control for both stills and video. I see the hybrid camera being perfect for the type of work I do but now have the funds to get my own equipment and a great opportunity to use it in an exciting location.

Anyway, you are right that if I had more time practice with different equipment and discover first hand what works for me, that would be great. But time is running out and getting my hands on equipment locally has been impossible.

I'm getting close to ordering both a GH2 and an OM-D E-M5 and returning the one that doesn't work. But time is seriously running out for playing the shipping game. There's got to be a better way.

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