Ricoh is really spoiling us

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Re: Ricoh is really spoiling us

My guess is that we will tune in here one day and Ricoh will have released something. At least we will know that it has been well thought out and that if we deem to buy whatever it might be then we might be re-assured that it will be the "current model" for some time to come.

New stock prices are holding up - that gives me confidence that I will have the "latest" for some time yet to come.

Hey! I have the latest model GXR camera back and M mount module! (Still) It also still works well as a side benefit ... (grin)

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Tom Caldwell

I am beginning to see what you are saying, but when does stock prices holding up become a hindrance to selling, let alone increasing market share? Has Ricoh got it completely right? For example, the GRD iv is ten months older than the LX7, but the latter is significantly cheaper in the UK (is the LX7 that much more inferior a camera? And I know it's apples and oranges to some extent, but I can't resist it). I know that Ricoh don't like dealers reducing prices at least in the UK, but shouldn't Ricoh let them?


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