16MP v 24MP sensors

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Re: 16MP v 24MP sensors

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evan47 wrote:

my worry is that dust spots can be far more of a problem with more pixels, also, a slightly steadier hand/improved technique is required to obtain the same sharpness.

many people including myself noticed this when moving from the d90 to the d7000.

This is completely wrong. For with the same technique, same viewing size and distance, your image will never be worse with more MP. The problem is that people compare the images at 100% which means they're looking at a bigger image and the higher MP has the ability to resolve the blur that wasn't noticable before. Do people think that more MP magically makes up blur? Blur comes from motion, motion isn't affected by how many MP you have. If you prefer to have lower resolution that can't resolve the blur vs just not looking that closely...

this is far from wrong. the first, most obvious effect of more pixels is the fact that they will show more flaws. ie dust, poor technique, and the limitations of the lens used.

At 100%

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