Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

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Re: Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

I too am dragged between the Canon SX50, Nikon P510, and the Sony HX200V.

But as I am probably overtaken by the zoom marketing I will probably go with the SX50.
I prefer the SX50's articulating screen, as I can close it for storage, or when I am using the EVF.

The SX50 does not have GPS which is probably no big deal as I would probably turn it off, or not give it enouth time from turn on to get a fix.

As for perfromance I find it hard as a noob to pick between alot of the images, but using the studio comparison tool, the SX50 did seem better than the others I was looking at.

The SX50 is probably less suited to low light because of the higer F.Stop than something like the Panasonic FZ200 with their F2.8 across the zoom range (albeit "only" 26x). With the camera's I am considering the gap is closer.

I am possibly wrong in chasing the zoom, with the negatives it creates (which I find hard to see as not having much experience).

One youtube video I saw with the Nikon P510 though. The zoom when filming video is very noticable in the noise it created. The SX50 (and HX200V) did not have any noticable noise.

You can also take photos while filming with the SX50 (maybe the others too but not sure).

I am just waiting on some feedback from the retailer before I order a SX50...

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