received X-E1 and 18-55 ; you need something tested?

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18-55 on the X-pro 1

Just got hold of the 18-55 myself. Using it on an XPro1.

It's probably closer to the Nikon gold ring zooms in feel and use than the normal plastic kit lens that are bundled with low end DSLRs. Weight is good and comparable to the 60mm macro. Focus and zoom rings have a nicely dampened feel to them.

I use in OVF, although it did take a bit of getting used to the moving framelines when you zoom. Focus is fast and silent. It seems to lock on to a subject better as well. It balances well on the XPro1 and still feels compact enough. You have to adjust your hand position when photographing in portrait mode, as turning the zoom will get in the way of the OVF. Not an issue with EVF of course.

Controlling the aperture isn't too difficult to adjust to, but you do lose the 'at a glance' setting and have to check on the display instead. The optical stabiliser works a treat, so you can be more generous with your shutter speeds.

Overall very impressive for a 'kit lens' and a great addition to the collection.

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