A Tale of Two Zooms pt. II

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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First of many comparison shots: 300mm 5.6

OK, I didn't use MF or a tripod, so take the clarity with a grain of salt, but it seems like the Tamron/Promaster may be the softer of the two at widest aperture 300mm. In fact, the Minolta is pretty impressively sharp at 300mm and 5.6.

There's some discrepancy in zoom level at '300' between these lenses, too. I noticed it when I did an iPad focus comparison last night (that I plan on redoing today). The two 300mm images do not line up at all.

The Minolta has slightly more purple fringing while the Tamron/Promaster has a somewhat less pronounced blue and bit of yellow CA (?). Both are correctable but I find the Tamron responds a bit better without having to balance over-correction fringing (grey fields bleeding into blue, etc.). Here's a 100% crop - you can see how the Tamron is a bit more zoomed-in despite both being at full 300mm.

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