Would you choose a D3200 or D7000 while you wait for a D400….

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Re: Would you choose a D3200 or D7000 while you wait for a D400….

Patco wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

We are expecting at least one, possibly two high end DX cameras (D7200 and D400) in the next 6 months.

Actually, I am expecting a D7100 and perhaps a D9000 as the high end DX by spring 2013.

D7100 should be next in the D7x00 line, not D7200, and as the Dxxx line has been FX since the D700, I don't expect another Dxxx DX camera, any more that I would expect another D(single digit) DX model since that line changed to FX with the D3.

Why do you hijaack a perfectly useful thread and turn it into a debate about what product number a camera might get?  Nobody cares and that has nothing to do with my post or the OP's question.  In my post, D7200 and D400 are just placeholder names for future DX cameras (one an upgrade to the D7000 and one an upgrade to the D300). It is irrelevant to me or to the OP's question whether those products end up getting called D7100 and D9000 instead.

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