(self) Wet clean -D800 vs. D800E

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Robin Casady Forum Pro • Posts: 12,898
Re: (self) Wet clean -D800 vs. D800E

Regarding dust, oil, and cleaning, the two cameras are identical. Both have filters of similar material  over the sensor.

You only need wet cleaning if you have break-in oil splatters on the sensor filter, or some sticky particles from an unusual environment. Spots from early in the camera's life are likely to be oil splatter.

Most dust that doesn't come off with the self-cleaning mechanism is clinging to the filter with a static charge. Use of a statically charged Nylon brush works well. It is also useful for following up a wet clean to remove lint from the swabs.

See this instructions for how to prepare and use a Nylon brush:


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