Computer screen with both Canon G11 and Canon G15.

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Re: Hey DC! (edited)

andrbar wrote:

digitalcuriosity wrote:

phototherapy wrote:

digitalcuriosity wrote:

RickS wrote:

Point? is there a need for anyone to have a Point? Whats the point of your asking this question?

The point is very simple, you give us a sort of comparison, which is unusable, because those picture are taken with different aparture settings, who can do any comparison that way ???

You having a problem reading English? I posted I have posted the pictures again with both cameras set the same. If this reply is a problem of you understanding my post, try finding someone to explain it to you.

I find you're a bit agressive. The question about what's your point is valid. Posting the same picture taken with different cameras with different settings does not show anything.

So, instead of replying in that agressive way, you'd be better inspired to explain what you want to show us (sharpness, noise, exposure, distorsion, field of view?).

And, BTW, I don't see the pictures taken with the same settings either.

Just for you here they are again.

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