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Re: X10 sensor 'streak'...

Jostian wrote:

Mark H wrote:

Jostian wrote:

taken in dark with lens cap on (slightly enhanced to show streak).

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An extreme 'levels adjustment' reveals more widespread streaking (albeit of much lower severity)...

(Extreme 'levels' adjusted) almost looks as if the sensor has been physically 'scrubbed'.

The reason I suggested the 'dark frame' test, was because I had recently returned an X10 due to a very similar issue, although of a much lesser degree than yours.

The problem on the X10 was pretty much invisible in normal use - I only noticed it while doing some noise testing/measurements.

The 'streak' on the X10 sensor produced a 'very slight dark streak' in a light subject/background, but conversely a 'very slight light/increased noise streak' in a 'dark frame' (no light).

N.B. Both the frames below are quite heavily adjusted (especially the dark frame), to make the 'streak' more clearly visible, it is just about invisible in a normal unadjusted image...

X10 sensor streak in light background

X10 sensor streak in 'dark frame' (no light)

P.S. My advice to anyone thinking of testing their XS-1 or X10 for similar sensor streaks - it really is probably best not to - if you are otherwise happy with your camera, it's probably better not to go looking for problems.

Hi Mark, in your opinion what could be the cause of the streaking in your X10?? it seems that it is exactly the same thing as what I'm experiencing and thus seems to be a sensor issue, as the internal design of the 2 cams is quite different so I doubt its a light leak or such, but ain't sure.

In the X10 case above, it is almost certainly is an issue with the sensor - a light leak would never cause a 'dark streak' (also, the dark streak is detectable at all ISOs).

Of course a 'dark streak' might have been attributable to an issue with either the lens, the filter stack, or the sensor, etc - but the fact that this 'streak' also appears, as a 'light streak', in total darkness shows that the problem must be of the sensor alone.

The form and nature of the streak, i.e. soft diffuse and diagonal, leads me to suspect that it may be a result of poor handling/cleaning of the sensor during fabrication, or during the camera's assembly.

Similar to your XS-1 - it 'looks as if' the sensors have been 'rubbed'.

Q. It would be interesting to see whether your XS-1 produces a corresponding 'dark streak' if you shoot a plain white (grey) image? Perhaps could try that - I shot a plain white wall, 'out of focus', using flash exposure.

[Note: I must reiterate, that in the case of my X10, the streak was almost impossible to detect in normal images - but I still chose to return the camera].

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