Looking for info on Ricoh 35S

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Re: Looking for info on Ricoh 35S

How did you find out it was built in 63? I thought they were built in 57.

I've also had alot of trouble finding out information on it. I bought mine at a local thrift store for 10 bucks. it seems  operational but when i went to develop the film the film came out blank. but i think thats because the film was expired. it was film that was in my other camera from 2 years ago. I am going to Horn Photo today to get more information on it today and to see if it works. i'll let you know all the information I get on it. it's frustrating finding a really cool camera and not knowing anything about it.

also just a heads up, i'm really knew at this. I don't know much about photography. I really enjoy it, and i have lots of friends that like to do it too and are helping me so if you can help me too i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

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