Panny G5 I-Dynamic and I-Resolution questions

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Re: Panny G5 I-Dynamic and I-Resolution questions

glanzrabe wrote:

these are my settings:

film stil standard with NR -2

I-Res : standard or even high

I-Dyn : standard

perhaps you can give it try..

Yes. If you shoot JPG+RAW, it makes sense to turn some of these enhancements to on and experiment with levels. You never know in which photo some of them might help you get something which is not easy to get from PP-ing the RAW. If they muck up your JPG so what, you've got the RAW to fall back on.

JPG with these things all turned off is trying to mimic RAW with minimal PP. Therefore, it makes no sense to turn all JPG-only enhancements (those which do not affect RAW) to off or as negative as possible when you shoot RAW+JPG, because you don't want your in-camera JPG to clone the RAW version and waste storage.

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