Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Grobb Senior Member • Posts: 1,229
Re: Canon SX40 or Nikon P510?

That question could be easily by determined by doing one of two things:

1. By taking pictures with each camera by taking your own micro SD card to a store, putting it in each camera, taking a few pictures and view in them on your computer to see which looks better to you.

2. If you not up to that, view as many images taken online and try to determine which one looks the sharpest and has the best colors to you from analyzing those images.

Your interpretation of the sharpness and color will be different from what other people tell you what THEY prefer since everyone has differences in opinions when it comes to IQ. Also, if someone tells you the images taken from the SX40 look better than the P510, it probably because they bought the SX40, or visa versa. It’s always much better to decide for yourself than try to rely on others to determine what looks better to you. Always trust your own instincts and opinion, they are what really count when it comes down to it making decisions on new camera purchases or anything else for that matter.

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