Would you choose a D3200 or D7000 while you wait for a D400….

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Re: Would you choose a D3200 or D7000 while you wait for a D400….

lukep wrote:

Would you choose a D3200 or D7000 while you wait for a D400….

I have a D200 and Fuji X100. I love the X100 images but honestly the slow focus is a killer. After shooting with it for awhile I went back to the D200 and wow, that faster focus is huge in getting the right shot. But highlights get blown EASILY with the D200

I have shot with a D3100 – focus was slow…. Is the D3200 faster?

D7000 seems to have faster focus (I shoot sports also—with 70-200vr)

But in the end, the D3200 seems to be about $400 cheaper and seems to have a better sensor. So if I buy a D7000 I get better focus but pay more and get a step down on the sensor?

Would you guys see it the same way?

Main glass I shoot with is… surprisingly good 18-55vr, 35 f2, 50 1.8, 105 2.8 vr, 70-200 2.8 vr, and even and some older glass like the 180 2.8 that wont work with the D3200. I will probably go out and get a wide but that should not change the decision much

So the D3200 as a cheap stop gap – anyone else do it?

When Nikon refreshes the DX line from the bottom up like they are doing now, it actually makes it pretty hard for people to decide what to buy because everything is a compromise.  How you select which camera is the best compromise for you depends entirely upon what you shoot and how you want to prioritize the different elements that you could optmiize for.

Currently a D3200 or D5200 (pretty much same sensor in both) are the highest resolution DX cameras Nikon has so if you want to print super large or crop a lot, then these could serve your purposes.  They are not the fastest focusing or fastest frame rate for action shooting.

A D7000 has a remarkably good sensor in it and pretty decent AF.  So far, it's been the sales winner for Nikon because it's a great balance of sensor performance, shooting speed, good AF for action and price.  The D7000 has about the same DR as the newer D3200 and D5200.

A D300s is still probably the best AF for action and is the best fps that Nikon puts into a DX camera.  The sensor is aging, but is still awesome below about ISO 640.  Above that ISO, you will see the serious benefits of a newer sensor.  The

We are expecting at least one, possibly two high end DX cameras (D7200 and D400) in the next 6 months.  The D300s is most in need of upgrading with a more modern sensor, but we would also expect the D7200 to move to 24MP.

So, if you want the best DX AF Nikon has for action, that is still the D300/D300s.  You could pick up a used one for relatively little and not lose much on it if you sold it in a year.

If you want really good DX DR and high ISO that can also do pretty good action, that would be the D7000.

If you want the highest resolution that can also so OK action, the just announced D5200 has been given an upgrade in both AF and fps.

My guess is that either the D7200 or D400 will really be a more optimal choice when they come out (latest sensor and optimized for action).  If you can, wait for them.  If you can't wait and think you might want one of these when they come out, then I'd suggest buying one of the above options used as something to use until one of these is released.  You can probably resell it without losing a lot.

FYI, the D200 is pretty seriously compromised for DR (I notice the same thing with my D2Xs which is about the same) so any of the above cameras (D300s, D7000, D3200, D5200) have a lot more DR.

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