Fujifilm X100 Black Special Edition Refurbished - Broken on arrival!

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Re: Fujifilm X100 Black Special Edition Refurbished - Broken on arrival!

HighLowISO wrote:

Bebrox wrote:

If the battery is producing too much power and is getting hot could it damage the camera I wonder or is the X100 switching itself off as a fail safe?

I am suspicious of the battery as after it seemed to have charged I put it in the camera for about 1min then put it back in the charger, the charge led came back on and the battery stayed like that for another 1hr or more without the charging led going off to indicate a full charge.

Basically No;

The voltage produced by these batteries is strickly based on their chemical composition, it is not possible for the battery to produce more that its rated voltage.

It's possible the batter could be bad and developed a short, the battery will get hot in this case and is very dangerous. It would get hot even it it was out of the camera in most cases, if it failed in this way.

Most likely there is some short in the camera, or the camera is not completely turning off. If the is the case it has probably already drained the battery.

Thanks for the input.

I did test the battery on a volt meter and it measured 6v. But yes maybe the camera (so called Refurbished) has a fault.

I am hoping that shop.fuji.co.uk will sort the issue out asap.

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