How many meters gained with 300mm focal length ?

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Re: How many meters gained with 300mm focal length ?

A normal lens is defined based on the fact that we view naturally images at a distance approximately equal to the length of the diagonal. gained.

Yes, that perceived perspective depends on viewing distance of the final image....

.... but NO, it doesn't hold up that we tend to view from a distance equal to the diagonal. That would be a handy rule, if it were true, but there are too many exceptions...

... like the commonest size of print is 6x4", a bundle of which held in the hand are typically viewed from a distance of least 2x print diagonal, or even more.. (making any wide-angle shots appear more "distorted" than they are.)

... where landscape subjects at exhibition size are invariably walked up to viewed from 1/2 print diagonal, or even nearer... (which makes any shot made with a longer lens appear extremely compressed.)

You can believe it, or not, as you please, but that is how a "normal lens" is defined.

Check it out:

Aside from that, your examples (small prints appearing wider angled and vis-versa) that does seem to hold up. It doesn't change how the standard is defined.

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