One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

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Re: One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

I have an E-620 and was pretty happy with it. But at some point decided I wanted to upgrade. Started looking at cameras like the Nikon D7000, Canon D60 and 7D, etc. When I really evaluated what I really wanted in a camera system I wanted smaller and lighter. I was reticent to invest in m43 cause I didn't really feel the sensor was much of a step up from the E-620. When the E-M5 was released and reviewed I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. I can toss the camera wrapped in neoprene and extra lens in a sleeve into a day pack and hardly know it's there. Or I can take a pretty small bag with 3-4 lenses and have a pretty comprehensive system. Now I'm not a professional and wanted a camera for traveling, hiking, walking around town, etc. The m43 system is a great system for me. And I got the huge upgrade. The sensor in the E-M5 has much more DR and much less noise at higher isos than the 620. I've hardly used any noise reduction in post processing. The IBIS is more effective and when combined with a fast lens I'm getting shots in low light I never really imagined possible. I'd love a FF camera but it would largely be lost on me. It would too often be left at home or in my car because I just wouldn't want to deal with the size and weight. I do and will continue to use a small, pocketable, compact camera because for me there are times even the E-M5 is too big. But the m43 system is really a good system for someone like me.

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