Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

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Re: Manual Focus suggestions with legacy lenses on EM5

@S. Miller: I'm frankly surprised at the preponderence of advice on this thread in favor of the magnified view, as opposed to the "fake focus peaking" you mention as option #3.

Nevertheless, I'm personally delighted by the recent discovery of the pseudo focus peaking hack for the OM5. In conjuncition with the OM5's game changing five-axis IBIS, my Oly is now a terrific platform for a huge range of legacy lenses ranging from the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 (portrait and event photography) to the Nikon AIS 180mm f/2.8 to the Tamron SP 400mm f/4 with 1.4 TC (wildlife).

Here's the focus peaking procedure that works most effectively for me:

1. Be sure you enter the correct focal length for the IBIS setting.

2. Then manually focus as accurately as you can through the unaided EVF.

3. With thumb pressure on the Fn1 button, activate 2X key line focus peaking. Almost simultaneously, use index finger half press on the shutter release button (either on camera or battery grip) to activate IS.

4. You're now viewing a 2X stabilized, key line image to facilitate MF.

5. Keep in mind that you're using this 2X image to carry out rapid, accurate focus. You're NOT using it for composition, as you state in your original post. I personally find this brief 2X key line view to be less disruptive and disorienting to my compositional efforts than a 7X or 14X out of focus image.

6. As soon as your MF efforts bring up the maximum amount of black outlining in eyebrows or eyelashes (portraiture) or in the antlers, ears or hide (wildlife) of your target, you're good to go. Release Fn1 button, compose and shoot.

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