16-85 vs. 18-105

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Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
Re: 16-85 vs. 18-105

Well, if it is that much of a toss-up for you, then you have answered your own question, no? And I don't mean to be smug - but just get the cheaper lens.

For myself 24mm (effective) has for a long long time been my go-to walk-around FL.  I just see things that way ...

The real question is one of budget - that is -my question to you - if you are working with a budget that just barely allows for buying the 16-85, then it's naturally legit to ask yourself, how about the 18-105 (still a great lens) and a 35mm 1.8.  That fast prime WILL allow you to use the 5100 in light that both zooms will fail in ... or get a flash - or what about software ?

An 18-105 and a copy of Lightroom are WAY beyond a 16-85 and no significant software at all ....

good luck


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