Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

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Re: Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

John Motts wrote:

kk123 wrote:

Nikons top pro camera - the only camera they have with really good AF and high fps - gives in crop mode 16:2,25 i.e. only 7,1MP in crop mode, when the really good sensor on D7000 gives 16,2MP - more than the double. But the D7000 doesn't have a magensium front plate (necessary with heavy lenses) and is not very reliable because of too low building quality.

D800? 4 fps also ridiculous.

D600 - also lacking magnesium front plate, and also give only 10,7MP in DX size.

We need a D4 with the sensor of the D800.

We need a fully magnesium bodied D400 with the sensor of D7000 or better, with AF-system from D4 and at least 8 fps.

You seem to be confusing the word "we" with "I".

4FPS ridiculous? Hasselblads are just such ridiculous cameras!

4 fps  - so had Nikon D70. I am glad I never go back to that! WE don't talk landscapes here!

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