Bought new X10 today. Question about sensor.

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mark H
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First characters of serial number...(?)

TonyP2302 wrote:

Will this new one still have the sensor with the orb problems?

Any way to tell if it has the new sensor or did Fuji just leave the old one in it?

I actually went to buy the X100 and came away with the X10!

Will see if this is good enough for my needs.

Lovely looking camera and feels pretty tough.


What are the first two characters of the serial number?

If it's '14' or '21' it's most likely to be the old sensor.

If it's '22' it's uncertain whether old/new(?).

If its '23' or '24' you almost certainly have the new sensor.

The coding is e.g. '14' = 4th quarter 2011, '23' = 3rd quarter 2012, etc.

There is actually a different 'internal serial number' that is written into image files' EXIF data, that appears to give an exact date/time of camera manufacture, although that may not help anyone unless someone knew the exact date of manufacturing cut-in of the revised sensor (or if it was encoded some other way). I'm quite sure Fujifilm know, but they are not telling anyone.

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