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The other problem with an hourly basis, the better you get the less you will be paid. When you learned it took you half a day for a task and now it only takes you one hour.

The last problem by going on an hourly basis is that you charge more per hour than most people earn (because of overhead, blah blah...) and it's difficult to raise your hourly rate but change your package and you can easily change your prices.

First thank you to everyone who replied so far, I appreciate it.

There seems to be a larger lean towards licensing/package pricing vs hourly and you made a good point. With design I've run into this and charged a flat fee for certain items I've done 1k times over. (Because I knew I could knock it out quickly).

Do you charge an on-location fee + the final delivered image cost? Say you charge 1k for the rights to use (2) images on their website and internal printed materials, do you still charge for your time? (Travel and on-location) or do you just lump it all in?

I have 2½ pricing:

  • Industrial/business: I charge a flat fee per photo, and then I have a volume discount if they buy 6 or more photos. No travel, no session fee. They like 3 images, they pay for 3 images. Photoshop special effects are on top. They know everything ahead of time. The fine print is written in big and bold and they have to initialize it.
  • Private/people: I sell packages A, B, C... Again fixed price and then on top the package, the large wall mounted prints.
  • The ½: I do have a day rate and half day rate and no hourly rate, but I almost never use them or even publicize them. Only under duress... I haven't charged that way for over year now.
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