RX1 Street Photography: First Impressions

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Re: RX1 Street Photography: First Impressions

tesilab wrote:

brandonheato wrote:

Do you recommend buying this camera. Thanks

Yes, if you can afford it. I am considering selling my OM-D already. Although the AF is much slower as compared to the OM-D, the low light performance and smaller size factor combined with great image quality so far more than makes up for everything else.

Are you serious about that? I am torn between quality and utility. I have an RX1 on order to be my "quality" camera, and thinking of replacing my NEXes with an OM-D as my "utility" camera.

I'm unhappy with the degree of customization available on the NEX-5N/7 (stuff like min. shutter speed, bracketing, etc.) even though I love the NEX-7 hardware.

The thing is, I've been finding the tilt-screen at least as valuable as an EVF, and much better for stealth shooting. I really wish there were a fast tilt screen/leaf shutter/touch focus system on the market, but right now there isn't.

So what I am wondering is how can you give up the OMD for street shooting? Or do you always use EVF?

fwiw, I was equally torn btw image quality and operational speed on the OM-D. loved everything about the Oly, incredible af performance, low shutter sound, probably the best for a focal plane shutter, articulated lcd, evf, everything really, except image quality, the perfect utilitarian/street camera isn't out there yet, but we are getting closer 

I am using the RX100 as my utilitarian camera and since Fuji improved af speed - i had a chance to play with one and promptly ordered the X-E1, af speed with the 18mm is VERY fast, not OM-D fast but almost as good as on the Nex 7 with the 16mm which I consider the fastest focusing lens for the nex line.

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