first time camera buying advice - please help

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Questions thread
ARShutterbug Veteran Member • Posts: 8,956
Reconsider goals

This is a bad plan. To shoot like a professional, you have to act like a professional. To achieve professional results, you have to acquire the skills of a professional, meaning that you have lots of experience specific to the job. Although many cameras now have gimmicks, such as the Creative Auto mode on the Canon 5D, they won't suddenly start giving you professional results.

Also consider that depth-of-field isn't achieved by "pushing a slider" in some program, nor is it achieved by flipping the aperture control to a different setting, which is essentially what those Creative Auto gimmicks do.  The camera must be positioned relative to the foreground objects and the background such that the desired depth-of-field is achieved.  That means you have to physically move the camera to the correct position, and possibly rearrange the scene by repositioning people or other foreground objects.

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